What To Do To Keep Your Clients Training In The Summer

In summer it costs more to train because it is very hot. Well, and also because on vacation you want to have fun.

So the answer is clear: if you want people to come to your center in both summer and winter, make sure that:

1) stay cool.

2) have some fun.

Such as?

Here are some suggestions:

Take care of the temperature of your system

It seems obvious, but the stuffy atmosphere in some gym in the middle of summer is incredible.

If there is a material investment worth considering, it is the one that allows you to keep your customers warm in the winter and cool in the warmer months. That’s right, a year-round investment.

Your clients will train more comfortably and for longer in an environment with a pleasant temperature. If you are unable to offer it, invest in air conditioning now.

Put bottles of water at their disposal

Hydration is essential at any time of the year, but especially in summer, when the heat and effort during training make us sweat a lot more.

So make sure your customers have water on hand when they need it. The most advisable and hygienic thing at the moment is that they can get it through bottles. Install a water bottle and bottle dispenser in a well-accessible location in your center.

You can also offer isotonic drinks and fruit juices, and try, as with water, to make sure that their temperature is not extremely low, thus avoiding a sharp change in body temperature that could be dangerous.

Offer stimulating activities for these dates

In the summer months, water-related activities are in great demand. If your property has a swimming pool, summer is the perfect time to offer aquafitness, aquazumba or scuba training lessons.

And if you don’t have a pool you can also offer special activities for these dates that will enhance the playful element associated with summer, such as group training circuits or friendly competitions between groups of customers.

Of course, you must evaluate the suitability of these activities for your center in the current era, in which it is a priority to maintain a safe distance between all users. Consider the size of your facility in case it is impossible to maintain a safe distance and make sure that such activities do not include contact between carers.

Plan outdoor activities

What better time than summer to train outdoors? The weather is almost always good and holidays allow more people to play sports at times when they couldn’t before.

That’s why it’s the perfect season for outdoor training: bodyweight training in a park, outdoor pilates, aerobics, etc.

Yes, if it is possible to plan the activities in those hours when the sun does not “beat down” with greater force.